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Digital Cinematographer

Over the last 25 years I have developed an abundance of both technical skills and communication skills working in many countries, with many styles of filming and with many different producers and directors.

My love for the art has developed over the years. It began with the passion of  ‘getting the shot’ back in the tv news days. This progressed with the passion for ‘story telling using images’ when I was working on documentaries in Europe. As my career progressed lighting became a passion and creating mood and feeling became another way of story telling and communication using this medium.

In more recent years I have been complimented more and more about my manner, especially by corporate clients who are very grateful for the way I make them feel relaxed and at ease while being the subject of their latest video.

I understand that in order to achieve what the filming requires it is essential to put the subject at ease and feel the trust and freedom to open up and communicate fully. This is similar to a photographer who spends time with his subjects before taking the photos. People want to trust that the Director/Cameraman is ‘looking after’ them, that I will not allow them to look or sound bad on camera and will try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for them.

I believe what this sets me apart from many of my peers, as well as...

My appreciation of The Story.

My desire to make the entire experience of story telling by video an enjoyable journey as well as having the end goal in mind. I really enjoy being Empathetic and Communicative with all concerned in the process. It is vitally important to me that everyone involved has a positive experience.

Capturing the mood in the message. This mood is just as important as the words spoken, music played, actions acted. It is a pleasure.

Camera's & Lenses


Lighting is the fun part of what I do. Creating and enhancing, bringing mood and form to the storytelling process when words just aren't enough.


My camera preference is the Canon Cine range of cameras.

Being the owner/operator of the Canon C300, C300 Mk2 and the Canon 5D Mk IV for my gimbal work, gives me a range of options with the same rich Canon look.

I also own a set of Canon CNE Prime lenses for that cinematic look as well as the canon 18-80mm zoom lens and Canon L-Series lenses.

I also use other cameras where required for a specific look.


Canon EOS C300mkii – 4K . 2K . HD / Super 35mm 12bit 4:4:4  (Canon RAW)
Canon EOS C300Mki - HD

Canon EOS 5D Mk IV + Gimbal - 4K . HDZacuto GRATICAL eye EVF

  Canon CN-E Cinema primes - 14mm T3.1 / 24mm T1.5 / 35mm T1.5 / 50mm T1.3 /  85mm T1.3 Canon CN-E Cinema Zoom 18-80mm T4.4
Canon Lenses ( EF Primes & EF zooms )

7.7" Odyssey 7Q+ OLED 16:9 Touchscreen Monitor 24" Client Monitor

Miller Mini-Jib arm and Tripod

DOLLY 5 meters Kessler Camera Slider
Gimbal Portable Green Screen


2 x KINO DIVA-LITE 400 ( 4bank ) – 5600k, 4300k & 3200k1 x 650w & 2 x 300w Arri Fresnels4 x  LED Panel VLOCK – BiColour3 x Dedolight 150w lights with inline dimmers – 3200kbounce boards, Sand Bags, diffusion screens, Scrim, Flexi-fill, Clamps, blacksGels – ND / CTB / CTO / COLOURC-stands


Gaffer / Grip Truck is Available on request ( Sydney )


Operator with full production kit +  2 x Radio Microphones standard.Digital Hard drive Recorder with mixer, lapel mics and Hand mics.


Large & small studio space is available in Sydney.

Camera's & Lenses

The camera support gear is what adds production value above and beyond simple camera and tripod. Such items as the Crane2 Gimbal, Dolly & Tracks, Mini-Jib and other grip equipment adds to the production and can make a simple shoot appear to have a larger budget.