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Digital Cinematographer

I have been a freelance lighting video cameraman for 25 years, now based in Sydney, Australia.

I lived in London, Madrid & South Africa during the 1990’s and worked with many different producers from many different countries, all with varied styles and experience.

Since returning to Australia in 2001 I have worked on all types of productions. I have access to all the latest digital cameras and lighting equipment and offer a creative approach to your next production.

Video Production

There are many things that I love about making videos as a form of communication.

I love the process, I love the story telling and I love making images that enhance what we see in our daily lives.

I remember a quote when learning my craft, and that was “Its not always what you put in the screen frame that matters, but also what you leave out”.

It is about the choices we make as film makers to best express what we want the viewer to feel.

Video Facilitation

I work with talented, experienced fellow professionals as each project requires such as script writers, editors, directors and crew. This can range from a simple shoot/edit I can do myself, collaboration with clients that have their own production structure or a complete production from script writing through to delivery. My clients decide their level of involvement in the process and my colleagues and I simply fill in the gaps in your knowledge and capabilities to produce the results you require. This allows us to work easily within budgets by reducing overheads of the old style production company.

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