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“I’ve known Dom Flanagan for 15+ years. I’ve worked with him on variety of production projects that span broadcast, TVC’s and large budget corporate video. Dom is a consummate professional, easily able to adapt his skill set to any shoot requirements, and his depth of experience always noticeably adds to the production quality and efficiency of the work in which he is involved. I have, and always will, give my highest recommendation to anyone thinking of working with Dom.”

Justin Mansour - Head of Production @ Media Rock Pty Ltd

“Dom is one of the best DPs I have had the pleasure of working with. Over the last 8 years we have worked together on over 50 shoots & his professional, knowledge & amazing attitude have only continued to impress me. From high end commercial shoots, corporate jobs and everything in between, he has never been anything but a joy to work with. From big wig CEOs to the smallest & most difficult of children, he manages to connect with them & get the absolute best for the client. If he by chance isn’t available, I’ll move the shoot if possible just to have him on the job. Not only is he great with talent & clients, but he gets the best from the crew & brings a such a wonderful vibe to the set that every job (even the difficult ones) end up with everyone ending with a smile on their face, happy with a job well done.”

Michelle Elliot - Head of Production @ Multi-Channel Network / Foxtel

“I enjoy shooting with Dominic because he has a very calm working style. I value his creative input and judgement so if there is a  problem on a shoot, I can count on Dominic to always provide an inventive solution. I value his experience and knowledge especially in tricky conditions. He is also happy to provide valuable input at all stages of production.”

Darren Hughes - BBC/UKTV

“I’ve worked with Dominic for over 10 years now across a huge number of shoots for many varied clients. He always brings to the table solid experience and knowledge, wide capabilities, zero stress, a great eye and he is a legend to work with.  I highly recommend him.”

Dan Sharp - Sharp Pictures Pty Ltd