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I am a producer of visual communications.

I have spent most of my life as a Director of Photographer making high quality videos including commercials, corporate videos, TV, Sport, documentaries, you name it I have done most of it.

These days I film for clients, producers and agencies but I also produce the video content in many and varied forms. I have a number of colleagues who I work with and bring into the production as needed. After meeting with a client and discovering what they require I can either do the job myself, or bring in these professionals I have amazing working relationships with in order to fulfil the clients wishes.

I specialise in communication, not just explaining to the client what we can offer but also listening to what they are looking for and making sure that we are on the same page when it comes to the outcome. Sometimes clients don’t really know exactly what they want, they just know they need something. That is perfectly normal, we also discuss their vision and give them ideas as to what direction their communication is best directed.

During my career I have developed a very good understanding of what the subjects/talent in our videos go through in the filming process. I pride myself on my empathy and ability to make the subjects feel comfortable, especially in front of the camera but also about the whole production process which includes pre-filming and post production, editing and then the delivery part of the process.

I also pride myself on my ‘Care Factor’. Often, when a young person asks my advice about the business I always start with this word, CARE. I basically say to them that it is most important to care as much as, if not more, than your clients. I say MORE because sometimes the client may not know the possibilities, or maybe they have had inferior service before and think all operators are similar. I attempt to demonstrate this ‘Care Factor’ by my professionalism, empathy to their needs and to engender a feeling that we are in this together.

A simple example while filming is that I may fix your tie or dab some powder on a shiny forehead to make you look and be ‘The Best You Can Be’. I understand what you are feeling and it is my job and my intention to make you feel at ease so you deliver the best performance you can, and make it fun :-) I also see professionalism as being honest and transparent in my dealings with my clients as well as my colleagues, the people I work with for my clients.

The final, and definitely the most important point, is that when a client is investing in a video they want to see the value of that video.

I love filming, lighting and making videos, but it is not about me. The purpose of making a video for my clients is to fulfil an outcome for them. Whether this is as a communication tool for staff or there is a Commercial Return requirement, the aim of making the video must always be fulfilling or superseding the initial expectation of that video or campaign. I recently heard a business person say that this must make “Commercial Commonsense”. Exactly right !!!

“I pride myself of the 'Care Factor'.

Often, when a young person asks my advice about the business I always start with this word - CARE.

I basically say to them that it is most important to care as much as, if not more than, your client”

- Dom's  Blog