Video Facilitation

Perhaps your company already has existing Communications and Marketing departments and would like to make video a part of your communications process.

Perhaps you already make videos but would really love to make them better quality, be on message and produce better results.

My team and I can help you achieve this in many ways. We can provide technical expertise in all facets of the production process or supply consultation advice to help your current team. It is up to you how 'involved' you want to be in that process.

Some clients just say "Make me a video" while others need technical help or some form of consulting in order to enhance their experience and outcome for their video material.

I work with talented, experienced fellow professionals as each project requires such as script writers, editors, directors and crew. This can range from a simple shoot/edit I can do myself, collaboration with clients that have their own production structure or a complete production from script writing through to delivery.

My clients decide their level of involvement in the process and my colleagues and I simply fill in the gaps in your knowledge and capabilities to produce the results you require. This allows us to work easily within budgets by reducing overheads of the old style production company.